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Contact Amelia Laurent - Escort London, Escort United Kingdom

Telephone number: +447400229624

London, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Amelia - a London-based, high-class independent companion in my twenties. Let's make some magic!

If what you seek is abundance, then you have met your match. What I offer is more than a service; it is an unforgettable encounter.

Curator of chemistry, let me wrap you in enticing abandon, where we forget about the world.

A PhD-educated, 5"2 redhead with a penchant for illicit activities and a dashing of razor-sharp wit, I am delightful company, and decadent fun. I offer a fantasy girlfriend experience, or if you fancy dipping your toes into the world of BDSM, nothing would please me more than to join you.

I am known for my shockingly blue eyes, which contrast with captivating red hair that shines like fire in the sunlight. One could call me a modern-day pre-Raphaelite; you will no doubt be dazzled by my undulating curves, my small waist, plump lips and disarming smile. I am both petite and curvaceous. I stand at 5"2, and when I move my hourglass figure towards you from across the bar, there is no other word for it but enchanting. With soft pale skin, I house a smattering of artistic tattoos, which I am more than happy to cover should our date require it, or show off to the envy of those around us. I also have a selection of piercings: nipples, nose ring, and medusa.

I want to know what makes you tick. How would you like to spend our time together? Perhaps the thrill of 30 minutes of raw passion will have you daydreaming at your desk for the rest of the day. Would you like company at a function, or is there a swanky new wine bar you’d like to try out? Does the sweet scent of a woman sleeping on the pillow next to you send shivers up your spine, tingles in all the right places?

I can't wait to meet you.