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Dear Masochists and fetishists Welcome !
Are you fascinated by SM and BDSM and kink but you have very vanilla sex life ?
Let me explain what I do!
................................I am a professional dominatrix Shirley .......................................
This is my career I see people and do BDSM and engage in the power dynamic of dominant and submissive with people.
Lot of people have this image of being like in a dark dungeon and a lot of degradation and a lot of scary pain but It does it has a such a spectrum .
I am looking for somebody ho wants to be submissive to me :)
I think most people encounter is with bdsm is like the bdsm porn that’s a scary woman with a whip like absolutely demolishing somebody that’s crawling around the ground right .
And I’m all for that, but I like the nuances I like the in between.I like the moment when you can feel the power dynamic just
by staring somebody down right !!!
Slaves feel a little flustered and nervous. This is what I like to do
Germany has has sort of its own very unique BDSM culture! Maybe it is the top in the world !
I get so much influence of the environment.
If you are constantly expected to behave in this specific way in society and human interactions like the anxiety the fear of messing up, that you make fun like humiliate yourself in front of people that can become very much fetishized .
My personal fantasy as Dom:
I want to flirt with a submissive (because he would never make the first move )
and cock-tease,for however long I want, and it ´s completely up to me if I want wo escalate it into other things or not and that’s kind of when my like perception of what sex is and what sexuality like intimacy is. It is not like penetration its about sexual tension.
When I go to a date with a sub I have a bag of dicks. Imagen I wear a strap on for you.
Do I have only fans ?
yes. I share the bodies of my slaves . I am very much oriented towards weekly like challenges that submissives can do so ill like give them challenges and get my feedback on like how they’re doing :))
I do directing in pornography but I don’t do porn on camera of myself.
I like to provide cock and ball torture , it is like a physical pain on your penis.
Maybe you would like to feel submissive ? But please when we start and if something feels off you
I want you to tell me , I want to know when to stop you know….
In case you like I want to hear yes I like it . Tell me !!!
I can tie your arms because I don’t want you to use your hands, so you don’t move .
And I start whipping you between legs
After the playing I untie you and help you mentally come back to earth :)
Call in advance to make appointment

Escort Basic Details:
Type: Female escort
Sexual orientation: straight
Nationality: Belarussian
Ethnicity: European (white)
Languages: English , Russian
Age: 25
Hair Colour: brown
Height: 157 cm / 5'2''
Bust Type: Natural
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Contact Escort:
Phone: +49 152 384 78929
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